Contact Us to Submit Your Program Materials

The Farm to Preschool website is in part designed to function as a clearinghouse of resources from programs around the country and as a means to network with existing and emerging efforts. If you are part of an active farm to preschool-type program, and have materials you would like to share with a larger audience through this website, please contact us.


Learn From Farm to Preschool Webinars

Three complimentary Farm to Preschool webinars were recorded in 2012.  Watch and listen to each one to get an in-depth look into the movement and successful programs. Click here for the Let’s Move! Child Care sponsored webinar, “Farm to Preschool - Digging in to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity” (recorded September 12, 2012).  Click here for the Centers for Disease Control and Protection sponsored webinar “Farm to Preschool 101” (recorded October 26, 2012). Click here for the National Farm to School Network sponsored webinar, “Farm to Preschool: Resources and success stories for a growing movement” (recorded November 13, 2012).  Stay tuned for more to come.


Farm to Preschool in the News

Farm to Preschool, a growing national movement and representative of hundreds of  programs across the country, has been gaining momentum in the media and through national initiatives.  Farm to Preschool, which serves all types of child care, is visible via Let’s Move Child Care, the First Lady’s national initiative, which highlights Farm to Preschool programs receiving Recognition Awards (California) as well as promoting successful program stories (Texas).  Statewide Farm to Preschool summits (Georgia) have recently made the news, as well as many other programs profiled in regional newspapers (Hawaii).  Keep up the great work and send us your news and other newsworthy stories!